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Surface Protection


SurfaPore uses Nanotechnology to protect and waterproof surfaces from within, unlike other compounds which create a surface barrier. Whereas surface barrier treatments are damaged or worn away by cleaning, abrasion and mechanical wear and tare, the below surface treatment provided by SurfaPore gives truly long lasting protection to any material to which it is applied.

SurfaPore C is the treatment for cement based surfaces, mortar, grout, stucco and natural or artificial stone.
SurfaPore R is for clay based bricks, tiles, terracotta, and pottery.
SurfaPore T is to protect granite, marble, and porcelain surfaces.
SurfaPore W provides protection for timber and wood based materials.
SurfaPore M protects Granite and Marble from oil stains and is capable of withstanding high temperatures.

For further answers to any questions you might have visit our Surfapore FAQ's

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