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Beamlock - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Beamlock system made of?

A. Beamlock structures are made from Glulam timber. This is strips of timber which have been Laminated together at high pressure, which with its mechanical fixings, provides incredible strength. The structures strength has been tested to prove that it is stronger than an oak equivalent structure. Glulam timbers are sometimes used instead of steal in construction.

Q. Do you install Beamlock structures?

A. We can install your Beamlock Structure throughout the mainland UK.

Q. How easy is Beamlock to put together?

A. The Beamlock kit is a modular system suitable for self-build. Anyone with some DIY knowledge should be able to put the kit together. We recommend you have at least 3 people to do the project, and allow approximately 7 days for a 2 bay structure. Take a look in our Technical section for a building Guide! If you do decide that building it yourself is not for you, then talk to our advisors about getting our professional team to build it for you.

Q. What is included within kits prices?

A. The standard kits provide all of the Beamlock Components needed for the structure. We also offer cedar shingles and erection service as standard.

Q.What type of foundations are required for Beamlock Structures?

A. The beamlock system works with most foundation types. This will depend largely on your site and should be discussed with your ground worker. For more information please refer to our Beamlock Foundation page.

Q. Do I need planning permission?

A. This will depend on which structure you choose and where you are building. Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this question. However, if your overall ridge height is below 4m, then you may not require planning permission. We advise everyone to check with their local planning authority to be sure. If you require help with gaining planning we can supply you with full-scale drawings for submission from as little as £59.95.

Q. Can the structures be modified from the standard designs? I.E Can I increase or decrease the sizes of Beamlock designs?

A. The standard kits can be easily widened by adding extra bays. The System is modular and is designed to be flexible providing you stay within the parameters of the system itself. (IE bay widths & lengths.)

Q. What type of roof covering can I use?

A. The Beamlock system is designed to take most roofing tiles including slate and clay, as many people would like their garage roof to match their existing property. As standard we can supply cedar shingles. We suggest you contact us if you intend to use a particularly heavy type of roof covering.

Q. What type of cladding options is there?

A. All our Beamlock garages are available with featheredge protective softwood (usualy spruce) cladding. However, the Beamlock system has been designed to accept many different types of cladding, as we understand that each site is different and many people wish to match their garage finish with their existing property. If this is the case then we can simply supply a wall kit, which will allow you to fix your desired cladding choice.

Q. Are Beamlock structures suitable for a room in the roof?

A. Yes. Structures have been designed to take first floor loadings in order to do this you will need additional support posts. These are available to add as an option to your kit. In order to use your room in the roof however you will need various other components.

Q. Do I require a brick plinth?

A. No you don’t require a brick plinth, this is purely optional however, many of our customers choose this option to keep the cladding better protected from puddles. (Brick Plynths need to be put in by your builder before the structure is clad.

Q. Do you supply the garage doors?

A. Unfortunately we do not supply garage doors. The Beamlock structure is able to take most standard door sizes provided that they are not up and over doors. We suggest that you have your door manufacturer measure up after the structure is erected to avoid disappointment.

Q. Do you deliver to the whole of the UK?

A. deliver to mainland England, Wales and lowlands of Scotland.

Q. How long does delivery take?

A. Delivery usually takes 3 - 4 weeks from receipt of order.

Q. Do I have to pay for delivery?

A. Delivery is FREE to UK mainland on Beamlock Kits. There maybe a delivery charge for specific component orders.

Q. Do you supply windows?

A. No we only supply the timber structure and roofing.

Q. Do you supply stairs?

A. No we only supply the timber structure and roofing.

Q. You only show 2 bay models - Do you do 3, 4, 5 or more?

A. You can create Carports and Garages with as many bays as you like simply by adding the relevant number of bay extension kits.

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