Garden Log Cabins, Rooms and Offices from BenfieldATT

Designed with the UK Climate in mind so that your Cabin WILL withstand the British Weather

Your cabin walls remain watertight all year round owing to the use of Construction Technology only normally found in cabins with a log thickness greater than 44mm. We call this Weatherstop:

Watertight Log Cabin Walls

Coupled with superior Window and Door construction:

Watertight Log Cabin Windows & Doors

Your Cabin will always be dry regardless of what our wonderful weather throws at it !

Multiple wall configurations to choose from so you can have a Cabin that is as secure and as snug as you need

Click image to enlarge Log Cabin Wall Configurations

Precision manufactured to ensure that you get a trouble free build

Your cabin passes through a 4 step Quality Control process and is then pre-assembled at the factory to ensure everything fits together perfectly and that there are no defects.

Features included as Standard, that others usually charge extra for, gives you a cabin that is exceptional value for money

Click image to enlarge Log Cabin Standard Features

Custom design service available so you can have the exact cabin you want

So long as your requirements are for a Log Cabin greater than 25 square meters, and with walls thicker than 44 mm we can create you a cabin to your own design. Please call us on 01291 437062 for further details or use our Contact Form

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