Electric Bikes - Save Money and Help the Environment

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New for 2012, HGC introduce a range of Electric Bikes - With the power to get you there and back !

Off to a quick start

The fun of riding an electric bike starts about 1 second after you switch on and move off. As you pedal away, the powerful 250 watt electric motor on the back wheel clicks in and powers the bike, taking the weight off the pedals. Going up hills has never been so much fun.

How do they work ?

While you continue to pedal the bike will accelerate up to 15mph maximum. If you stop pedalling, the motor cuts out after about 1 second, but as soon as you apply the brakes the, the motor stops.

You can switch the motor off and pedal only, or if you tire of pedalling you can use the hand throttle that drives the bike without the pedals. Sit back and enjoy the ride !

The Battery

Electric bikes have benefitted from frame design and electronic improvements, but mostly from battery development. The latest generation of 36volt Lithium batteries give ranges between 15 and 35 miles on one charge depending on conditions and how much you pedal.

This is a great improvement over older  & 26 volt battery bikes still seen on sale today.

Models for Everyone

With our range including a Road Bike (Which can be upgraded to a Mountain Bike), A Stepthrough Bike for easier mounting, and a Folding bike for easy transportation we have an electric bike for everyone.

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