Fixing Plasterboard With Cleverclips

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This pictoral guide shows you how easy it is to fix a plasterboard ceiling with the ingenious Cleverclips system.

With a system comprising of a set of disposable plastic ‘H’ shaped clips and a high quality painted steel hand grip, the way you fix plasterboard is altered forever.

The system can be used to hold standard size sheets of plasterboard (or any other sheet material) in place, allowing the operative to then align the board and nail or screw the board in position while not having to hold the board to the joists at the same time.

As well as time and cost saving benefits the product makes the operation less strenuous and so helps avoid injury.

So, how does it work?

Once your initial fixing strip is in place, you slot the 'H' shaped clips along the facing edge, which then act as a guide as you, with help if required based on lifting guidelines, lift the sheet of plasterboard into the clips. You can then lift the opposite side of the board to the joist and use the handheld painted steel grip to hold it in position, leaving you free to move the board to the required position before screwing or nailing it securely.

The process can then be repeated until the whole ceiling is complete. The clips then stay in position once the ceiling is fitted as you just twist and snap the exposed side to remove any visible trace before plastering the ceiling as normal.


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