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With rising fuel costs, high rental costs, congestion charges, general traffic chaos and the ever longer working day, both large and small businesses are looking at Home Offices not just as a strategic business move but as a way of staff reclaiming their lives.

It's not just smaller companies who are making use of the convenience and cost savings of Home Offices. Larger companies are quickly seeing the benefits of a flexible, offsite workforce. Mobile Technology, the internet and web based CRM systems has enabled many firms to offer employees a more convenient work environment which benefits everyone - and its all Tax Deductible too!.

Sultan Home Office

Sultan Regal Garden Office With pitched roof option

Quality of life

For many of us the morning routine is simple. Get up, rush breakfast, head for the car or train, sit in traffic for 30 minutes as the radio tells you the road you are currently on has tailbacks of 6 miles and should be avoided at all costs. Followed by the news of yet another fuel price rise.

It is no wonder that by the time we reach the office all we want is a strong cup of coffee and a break!

Imagine waking up, sitting down to breakfast with the family, wandering through your garden and into your very own 'Home Garden Office'. Sounds good doesn't it ?

Having a home office isn't just about work. People who choose to work from home often find that their stress levels go down and their productivity goes up.

Having your own space and creating a distinguishable work environment within your home is essential. However this can be tricky if you are using a spare room.

Regal Garden Offices, from the BenfieldATT Group, offer you a stylish workspace providing you space and distance you need from your home life without having to leave. Hand Crafted, Regal Garden Offices are built to extremely high quality standards and even better their modular design means that they can be extended and grow with your business.

All Regal Garden Offices are available to purchase online from the Home & Garden Centre. For more information call us on +44 (0)1291 437 062 and start reclaiming your life!.

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