Protect your home from the Winter Elements

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We all know that winter can be hard on our bodies and appearance, but we shouldn’t forget that our homes go through the worst brunt of the weather. Therefore you should make sure your home is ready for the onslaught.

Don’t worry if you’re not though, because here at the Home and Garden Centre, we have a range of products to help prevent water stains, mould and algae along with products to ensure your house is insulated properly.

To tackle mould and water stains we have a number of products available to make sure your home stays in top condition:

IDP - Water Based Mica Coating

Water Stain Treatment
Our IDP water based mica coating is great for getting rid of the damp patches that may have formed in your home because of leaks or penetrating damp caused by the weather. It’s designed for interior walls and ceilings and is also effective at preventing efflorescenceand salts showing through and spoiling your interior. Our IDP – water based mica coating is great at:

  • Solving problems with stains, watermarks and efflorescence
  • Preventing the damp spoiling your internal decorations
  • Dry within 1 hour
  • Solvent Free


LicheniteLichenite Moss, Lichen and Algae Removal and Protection

Our Lichenite is great for the eradication of mosses, lichens and algae growth. Our Lichenite is a colourless treatment and can be used on brickwork, stone work, concrete, roof tiles and can also be used as a pre-treatment prior to external masonry painting. So whatever issue you have with outdoor mosses, lichens and algae, we have the solution for you.
Our Lichenite is:

  • Effective against all varieties of moss, lichen and algae.
  • Fast acting and prevents re-growth
  • Easy to use


Mould Eradication KitMould and Black Mould Treatment and Removal Kit

Every home no matter how old or young may suffer from a mould outbreak at some point in its lifespan. Therefore every home owner should be prepared and have one of our mould eradication kits. They’re easy to use and apply and they even work on black mould. They work by eradicating the mould in 3 easy steps. These are:

  • Stage 1: Remove mould
  • Stage 2: Apply barrier
  • Stage 3: Add fungicidal additive to decorative finish

Each of our kits contains the following for tackling a mould problem of 10-12 m²

  • RLT Bactdet 05
  • RLT Halophen Bonding Solution
  • MGC Fungicidal Addictive
  • Mixing Bucket
  • Sponge
  • Gloves
  • Brush


Sempatherm Radiator Insulation PanelsSempatherm Insulated Radiator Panels

Our Sempartherm Radiator Insulation Panels are great at keeping the heat you generate inside your house. No-one likes to lose money through poor installation and now you don’t have to. They help to reduce the amount of heat loss from radiators into the wall and help to direct the warm air into the room. These characteristics help improve the comfort level inside your home and they’re able to be used in any building which has wall mounted radiators. So if you run an office, or perhaps a school, you’ll be covered. Our Sempatherm Radiator Insulation panels are quick and easy to fit and:

  • Can help reduce your energy bills by around 12%-15%
  • Can immediately change the comfort level of a room
  • Can be fitted without the need to remove the existing radiators.


Haloseal MW - External Masonry WaterprooferExternal Masonry Waterproofer

As houses age they become less efficient at keeping moisture out. Moisture and water can get inside the hairline cracks on the outside of your property and can cause considerable discomfort to the interior. Our Haloseal MW – External Masonary Waterproofer can help stop this problem and lasts for up to 10 years. It works by becoming an integral part of your property, by entering the hairline cracks it dispels the water and moisture from inside the walls to provide a complete waterproof barrier with no weak points. Our Haloseal MW also contains unique biocides, which provide on-going protection to your home against the growth of mosses, lichen and algae. One coat of our Haloseal MW will give around 10 years of protection and it:

  • Stops water penetration
  • Reduces heat loss
  • Protects against moss, lichen and algae.


Sempatap Thermal Wall CoveringInsulated Thermal Wall Covering

Making sure your home or business is insulated properly is the most important part of making your home or business ready for the winter months. It’s also pretty easy and relatively cheap to install. Sempatap Thermal Wall Covering is one the best insulations you can give your property. Sempatap has been used in the UK for over 20 years and what’s more it’s first choice for many local authorities and housing associations. They’re extremely versatile and can be decorated with virtually anything from wallpaper to emulsion. You can even hang tiles from it. In order to hang the covering you’ll need some Sempatap Adhesive and some Sempatap Sealant. For more information and how to install the product please read our installation guide or watch the installation videos.

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