Barbecues – Sizzling Summers at HGC

We may not always get the best weather but that certainly doesn't stop us firing up the barbecue! In fact some of the best barbecues are adhoc, spare of the moment, quick whilst the sun shines, ordeals. The Home and Garden Centre is here to help you make the most of those bright sunny days with our great selection of outdoor barbecues.

Choosing your Garden Barbecue.

Stone Barbecues

HGC has some fabulous stone BBQ's like the stylish Algeri Barbecue. The Algeri is a natural stone-white with peach trim and features a handy food prep area. Stone Barbecues are a great garden feature these permanent garden BBQ's are ready when you need them and they are designed to look great all year round. 

Masonry Barbecues

Like stone barbecues, masonry barbecues become a permanent design feature of your garden. These brick built BBQ's are great for those who love to entertain like the Granada which give you plenty of service space or if you're really pushing the boat out the Ranch Barbecue comes complete with an integral pizza oven so you'll be able to please even the fussiest of diners.

Steel Barbecues 

Among the many barbecues for sale here at HGC you'll find a great selection of steel BBQs. These light weight barbecues can be moved indoors to protect them from rain and other elements. Hard wearing, steel barbecue kits are great for those with smaller gardens as they can be put away when not in use. 

If you are into the occasional barbecue a steel barbecue like the Lifestyle EZ Build may be just what you are looking for.

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Gas Barbecues

Instant heat and no fuss, a Gas BBQ is ideal for everyday use during the summer. A Gas Grill gives you instant heat at cooking temperature so you'll never have to wait for coals to heat up. Great for the mixed British weather a gas burning barbecue allows you to start cooking as soon as the sun comes out.

Gas BBQs like the Aurora Range are perfect for those who like to barbecue regularly they offer instant heat that is fully controllable and will have you cooking outdoors with ease all year round.

Charcoal Barbecues 

Nothing tells you Summer is here like that familiar smell of the charcoal barbecue. The smell of charcoal grills epitomize the start of the Summer Season. A charcoal BBQ is, after all the ultimate test of a mans cooking skills.

So if it's a charcoal grill that tickles your fancy take a look at our charcoal and wood fueled barbecues.

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Portable BBQs and Camping BBQs 

Great for those who like to get up and go the portable barbecue is becoming very popular. Surprisingly the portable gas BBQ is one of our best sellers. The Explorer Deluxe from Lifestyle folds into a neat carry case with wheels and the Explorer Portable is an ideal camping barbecue.

Plum Products also do a great range of folding barbecues. The Plum folding BBQ folds flat and can be easily stored down the side of a cabinet or on top of luggage when you go on holiday. The Plum model even comes complete with its own carry bag.

If you are looking to buy a BBQ then look no further. The Home & Garden Centre has a wide range of Barbecues and we often get new models from suppliers so if you can't find what you're looking for contact us!

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