Outdoor Garden Buildings

Whether you're looking for a new garden shed, a summerhouse or simply a garden storage building making the right choice for your needs is vital. Garden buildings often define your garden and what it will be used for. Gone are the days when garden sheds were the only available options now there is a garden building to suit your needs whatever they may be.

Timber Garden Buildings

Timber buildings are often chosen as they compliment the natural surroundings of the garden they are placed in. Unlike vinyl or metal buildings these wooden garden buildings are often chosen for their look rather than their practical features. 
Timber garden buildings such as log cabins have become increasingly popular in the UK. Many of the designs featured in popular ranges like the Finnforest and Hillhout ranges incorporate an element of garden storage as well as being a usable garden room.
These multi-purpose garden buildings are an ideal solution for smaller gardens where space is at a premium. These allow the owner to store away tools and gardening equipment and still have a summerhouse or garden room to enjoy.

Corner Garden Buildings – Saving your Garden Space

Another great option for those limited by space are the corner cabin kits. These give you a generous usable garden room without you having to lose too much of your garden. The Riekko and the Peili from Finnforest are particularly popular. These unusual garden buildings are uniquely shaped to fit in a corner and they have an enclosed storage space at the rear so you get your summerhouse and garden shed in one.

Modern Garden Buildings at HGC

Many modern garden buildings are designed to act as a feature as well as a practical storage space.  Thatched garden buildings as featured in some of the Hillhout range are a great way to bring a traditional rustic feel to your garden without too much effort.
Log cabin kits from companies like Shire, Finnforest and Hillhout come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These companies have designed their ranges to cover a wide variety of uses including garden offices and summerhouses.
These prefabricated garden buildings are manufactured from machined timbers that slot together easily giving you a high quality professional finish every time without the added cost of designing and building bespoke garden buildings.


Garden Storage Buildings – Great Space Saving Ideas

The Home and Garden Centre delivers garden storage buildings, log cabins and garden sheds direct to your door. Our great range of contemporary garden buildings offer great value for money and fantastic quality.
The HGC garden storage range offers a selection of cheap garden buildings that are a cost effective and simple way to create extra storage space for tools, equipment and even childrens toys. When you are choosing or building a garden shed and are limited by space or budget these garden storage options are a great solution.


Outdoor Garden Buildings

Whatever you are looking for, from luxury garden buildings to simple cheap garden sheds, greenhouses and Garden Building Accessories, The Home and Garden Centre is the place to find it.