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If you are just starting out keep an eye out for our FREE Downloadable products that give you great gardening tips and hints. These downloads are available to all our visitors simply add them to your shopping basket and download them today.

The HGC Team produce these downloadable fact sheets packed full useful information and helpful hints in response to the questions regularly asked by you. So make sure you bookmark us and come back regularly to get your FREE Downloads.

The HGC Blog is also a great place to get helpful tips for gardening, read our gardening products reviews and get some great gardening ideas to boot. You'll find lots of general gardening advice and gardening help here which is also updated regularly with news, product launches and buying guides.

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Gardening for Beginners

The HGC team have picked a wide range of gardening products that are suitable for gardeners of all levels from beginners to experts you'll find just what you need to get the most out of your garden.

The Home and Garden Centre team try to provide a good balance of garden tips in a way that can be read by everyone. Gardening is one of the UK's favourite past times and we believe that it should be accessible to everyone.

Vegetable Gardening – Getting in to Grow Your Own


If you are looking to get started in vegetable gardening The HGC team can strongly recommend the Haxnicks range of Patio Planters.

  • Re-usable year after year

  • Great for Kids & First Time Growers

  • Never been easier to grow your own Crunchy Carrots


What is really great about these Vegetable Garden planters is that they come with full instructions and growing guides. These guides help everyone to get the most from container gardening and have been a big hit with our staff and visitors.


Organic gardening is becoming increasingly popular and is a great way to save money and eat more healthily. Our great range of vegetable garden products offer great value for money and will have you growing vegetables quickly and easily.


Garden herbs are also a great way to get into growing. If your a budding chef who wants to grow a herb garden there are some fantastic herb garden kits available. Many people start off growing herb gardens and their passion for producing home grown vegetables takes off. If space is limited there are many products that help you maximise your garden space.


The Ladder Allotment Company produce fantastic timber Ladder Allotments that can increase your growing space by nearly 5m. There are also lots of wooden garden planters that look fantastic but contain the growth of plants and vegetables so your garden doesn't become over run.

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Garden Pots and Planters from The Home & Garden Centre

Container gardens are a wonderful way to introduce plants to your garden. These low maintenance gardens are ideal for those with limited time. These garden planters can be used as herb garden pots, vegetable garden pots or garden flower pots and can be moved and positioned around your garden creating splashes of colour or a home grown treat where you need it most.

Outdoor garden planters are ideal for those with limited time for weeding and general garden maintenance. The plants, vegetables or flowers are contained in the patio pots limiting the space they can grow into and making them more manageable.

These patio containers are often used for first time vegetable gardening or as a handy place to plant a herb garden.

Raised Garden Beds – Easy gardening

Like container gardening pots, raised beds help to section off the growing area in your garden. These can be raised gardens that are garden beds that are literally contained in a 6 or 7 inch border or raised garden beds that are on a higher platform.

Raised Gardening beds that are on platforms are ideal for those with back problems and are often used to allow wheelchair users to enjoy gardening more easily. They can be raised up to a height that suits the end user making them easy to access.

Similarly garden troughs and garden planters can be used to provide a more accessible gardening environment.

Raised vegetable beds and herb gardens help to keep your vegetables and herbs in a separate growing environment from your other plants. This means that you can introduce nutrients and soil changes needed for better crops without damaging existing flowers and plants.

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Garden for Less with The Home & Garden Centres Online Store

Did you know that buying your gardening supplies online can actually save you money?

The Home and Garden Centre prides itself on offering the best quality at great value to all its visitors. As an online garden centre we can deliver what you need for your garden direct to your door.

Avoid the fuss of loading up your car with patio planters, raised beds and other gardening essentials.

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Take a look at our wide selection of Gardening Products:

Thanks for visiting The Home and Garden Centre online. We hope you you enjoy our gardening website and that you find lots of useful gardening tips.

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