Greenhouse Gardening

Grow your own has become very popular in recent years. Sales of Glasshouses and home greenhouse kits have soared as people look for money saving alternatives to supermarkets. 

Growing greenhouse vegetables like tomatoes, beans and even strawberries has always been popular for greenhouse gardeners across the UK. New technology and better greenhouse kits now allow a much more exotic range of Fruit and vegetables to be grown.

Greenhouse vegetable gardening allows us to grow vegetables in a controlled environment all year round often referred to as winter greenhouse growing, owning your own small greenhouse can be very rewarding.

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Lean to Greenhouse Kits from HGC

Also known as wall gardens, lean to greenhouses are a great solution for the smaller garden. These garden greenhouses can be positioned against an exterior wall and provide a patio greenhouse.

A small lean to greenhouse is ideal for those who are limited by space but still want to grow taller crops like tomatoes. This is because lean to greenhouses are the full height of a walk in greenhouse but do not take up as much garden space as a freestanding greenhouse would.

Choosing a Greenhouse

More and more gardeners are realising and appreciating the benefits of owning a greenhouse.  The growing season can be significantly extended and vegetables can be harvested for longer. A DIY Greenhouse can be a big investment and you'll want to consider your options carefully.

Buying an Aluminium Greenhouses

An aluminium greenhouse is a low maintenance option. Usually available in a silver or green frame, these greenhouses require no treatment and are ready for use when installed. 

The Halls Popular greenhouse model is one of the cheapest greenhouse models available at HGC. If you are looking for a Halls Greenhouse this is one of their best selling models. The 4ft x 6ft greenhouse Popular model is a great starter greenhouse or small garden greenhouse.

Buying a Wooden Greenhouse

Wooden greenhouse designs are among the most beautifully designed greenhouse buildings. The Forest Garden Glasshouse for example becomes a garden feature as much as a practical garden greenhouse. Timber greenhouses are often pricier than an aluminium framed greenhouse however these beautiful garden buildings will look fabulous in any garden.

If you are looking to buy a greenhouse take a look at our Should I Buy a Greenhouse buying guide.

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Small Greenhouse Kits

Just starting out? Or maybe you simply don't have the room for a big greenhouse. There are small greenhouse kits available starting from 4ft x 6ft. Take a look at the Popular 4ft x 6ft or the Supreme 4ft x 6ft both from green house manufacturer Halls. 

Miniature Greenhouse Kits

Another alternative for the smaller garden is a miniature greenhouse. The mini greenhouse kit has been born out of the rise in grow your own. The Forest Garden wooden mini greenhouse is a perfect example, it has been perfectly dimensioned as a 'growbag' greenhouse which means a regular grow bag will fit perfectly in the bottom giving you the perfect environment to start growing.

Mini greenhouses are also great for kids encouraging them to grow their own vegetables and educating them at the same time. 


Looking for a bargain greenhouse? Look no further!

The Home & Garden Centres price promise means whatever greenhouse size, shape or style you are looking for we've got the best greenhouse at the best price. 

Glass greenhouse kits, polycarbonate greenhouses even a hexagonal greenhouse you'll find them all right here at The Home & Garden Centre.

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